Calendula Petals

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: Calendula Petals


    Origin: China

    Tea  Type: Flower Tea

    Aroma: A delicate and subtle floral flavor

    Storage Method: Keep out of sunlight, seal and store in a cool dry place, or refrigerate

    Shelf Life: Two years


    Calendula petals come from the flowers of the Calendula officinalis, commonly known as pot marigold. These bright and cheery petals are prized for their medicinal properties, culinary uses, and ornamental beauty. Native to southern Europe, Calendula is now cultivated in gardens worldwide.

    Appearance: Calendula flowers are typically bright yellow to deep orange, with daisy-like blooms that have a prominent central disc and numerous petals. The petals are soft and slightly sticky to the touch.
    Aroma: The flowers emit a mild, earthy, and slightly peppery fragrance.
    Growth: Calendula plants are hardy annuals or short-lived perennials that thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. They grow to about 30-60 cm in height and bloom from early summer until frost.

    Calendula petals are celebrated for their bright color, mild fragrance, and numerous health benefits. Their historical and cultural significance, combined with their versatility in culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic applications, make them a valuable addition to various preparations. Whether used in teas, culinary dishes, skincare products, or traditional medicine, Calendula petals bring a touch of warmth and wellness to any setting.


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