• 产品描述
    • Commodity name: Raisin

    Origin: China

    Tea Type: Fruit Tea

    Appearance: Fresh cherries are typically small, round, and come in colors ranging from bright red to deep purple or black, depending on the variety. Dried cherries are shriveled but retain their rich color.
    Texture: Fresh cherries are firm and juicy with a smooth skin. Dried cherries are chewy and slightly sticky.
    Flavor: Sweet and slightly tart, with a rich, fruity taste that varies by variety and ripeness.

    Storage Method: Keep out of sunlight, seal and store in a cool dry place, or refrigerate

    Shelf Life: One year


    Dried diced peaches are a delightful and convenient way to enjoy the sweet and juicy flavor of fresh peaches year-round. These bite-sized pieces are made from ripe peaches that have been carefully dried to preserve their natural sweetness, vibrant color, and nutritional value. Perfect for snacking, baking, or adding to a variety of dishes, dried diced peaches offer a burst of fruity flavor and a satisfying chewy texture.

    Cherries are a versatile and nutritious fruit that can be enjoyed in numerous ways, adding flavor and health benefits to your diet. Whether fresh, dried, or preserved, cherries are a delicious addition to any meal or snack.


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