Diced Purple Sweet Potato

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: Diced Purple Sweet Potato

    Origin: China

    Tea Type: Fruit Tea

    Appearance: Small, uniform cubes with a deep purple color, both inside and out.
    Texture: Firm and starchy when raw; tender and slightly creamy when cooked.
    Flavor: Sweet and earthy, with a richer flavor compared to regular sweet potatoes.

    Storage Method: Keep out of sunlight, seal and store in a cool dry place, or refrigerate

    Shelf Life: One year


    Diced purple sweet potatoes are small, uniformly cut cubes of the vibrant and nutritious purple sweet potato. Known for their striking color, sweet flavor, and numerous health benefits, these diced pieces are convenient for cooking and adding to a variety of dishes. They can be used fresh, dried, or frozen, offering versatility in the kitchen.

    Diced purple sweet potatoes are a vibrant, flavorful, and nutritious addition to any meal. Their unique color and rich taste make them a versatile ingredient, suitable for a wide range of culinary applications. Whether used in savory dishes, baked goods, or smoothies, they offer a delicious way to boost the nutritional value of your meals.


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