Jasmine green tea

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: Jasmine green tea

    Origin: China

    Tea type: Green tea

    Taste: Taste sweet and delicious

    Storage method: Sealed, keep dry and out of sunlight

    Shelf life: Two years

    Description:  Jasmine tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is a combination of blooming jasmine flowers and tea leaves in the spring. It has the aroma of spring flowers and the freshness of tea leaves. It is a popular scented tea with a sweet taste.

    Drinking jasmine tea regularly can not only beautify the skin, whiten the skin, but also resist aging. It can also clear the human gastrointestinal tract, relieve constipation, clear the brain, lower blood pressure and blood lipids. It also has great effects and effects in resisting bacteria and viruses and treating cancer. . The caffeine in tea can stimulate the central nervous system, drive away drowsiness, eliminate fatigue, increase vitality, and concentrate thinking; tea polyphenols, tea pigments and other ingredients can not only be antibacterial and antiviral, but also have anticancer and antimutational effects. .