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Product description


Origin:  FuJian CHINA

Tea Type:  white Tea

Aroma: Floral and herbal aromas

Taste: smooth, sweet

Storage Method: Clean, ventilated, dry, avoid light, no smell, no pollution

Description: Pai-Mu-Dan white tea farmed and produced on Mt. Taimu in China's Fujian province, the origin of white Peony tea. The tea is made of young leaves and buds from the Da bai Camellia Sinensis plants, hand picked during the fresh spring harvest.Harvested with great care, that tea mingles young shoots with soft, cotton-like spring buds. A special grade of organic white tea, this Bai Mu Dan selection has a full complement of tender leaf buds. The bolder leaf style yields a liquor with full flavor and subtle hints of melon and spice. As a member of white tea, Pai mu dan tea has well known benefits for health, such as holds some antiviral and antibacterial properties, making this an excellent tea to enjoy during cold and flu season. Due to its antioxidant properties,  White Tea is also an excellent immune system toner.

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