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LongJing tea

Product description

Origin:  zhe jiang, China
Harvest Time:  Early March

Appearance:  Yellowish mix with greenish, flat  leave, 

Taste:   with nice orchid&chestnut aroma.

Storage Method:  Refrigerating

Description: Longjing Tea (Longjing Tea), A special product of Zhejiang Province, A product of National Geographical Indication of China,This is the most succulent and fragrant of green China Teas. Dragonwell green tea is 1 of the Top 10 China Teas, Has long history from Tang Dynasty.
which is known for its high polysaccharide and amino acid profile, Providing for a rich balance of savory umami flavor and refreshing tender sweetness.
Refreshing green tea with distinctive notes of sweet chrysanthemum blossoms peaked with subtle wildflower honey and freshly baked chestnut brioche.


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