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Product description

Origin:  Fuding, Fujian,China

Grade:  First Grade Gong Mei

Tea Buds:  Fuding Peony

Harvest time:  Later March

Description:Our Silver Needle originated in Tunxi, it is the highest township in Fuding, and the highest peak of Fuding, Qinglong Mountain, is located here, with a height of nearly 1,200 meters. The town's Senli coverage rate reaches 95%, and Tunxi is recognized as an ecological township. The tea in Tunxi is high, the biggest feature is sweetness, and the tea in Tunxi just enlarges the sweetness of white tea to the maximum. One bite, the tea soup is soft and sweet.

Silver Needle White tea is made of the standard of one bud, one leaf or two leaves is very strict. One person can't get a pound of fresh tea in one hour, and five pounds of fresh tea can make a pound of dry tea. Tea picking in the tea garden on the mountain is very hard and the yield is not high. In the deep mountains of Houping Village, the most complete traditional white tea making process is preserved, which guarantees the original taste and taste!

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