Phnom Penh Rose Bud Tea

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    • Commodity name: Phnom Penh Rose Bud Tea
    • Commodity ID: 1187333168776761344

    Origin: Yunnan, China Sample: Free Sample

    Origin:  Yunnan, China

    Tea type: Flower Tea

    Aroma: Delightful floral aroma

    Taste: A mild, subtly sweet flavor with hints of rose petals

    Storage Method: Keep out of sunlight, seal and store in a cool dry place, or refrigerate

    Shelf Life: Two years

    Brewing Method: 80-100 ℃ water is appropriate.

    Description: Phnom Penh Rose Bud Tea are mainly produced in Yunnan Province, China. They are rich in nutrients and can beautify the appearance, promote metabolism, relieve anxiety, and promote blood circulation. It is a delicately scented and flavored tea that combines the soothing properties of roses with the characteristics of a tea base. It's a delightful choice for those who appreciate floral teas and the subtle sweetness and fragrance that rosebuds bring to their tea-drinking experience.

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