Dried Lemon with Peel

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    • Commodity name: Dried Lemon with Peel
    • Commodity ID: 1187333165677170688

    Origin: China Sample: Free Sample

    Origin: China

    Tea Type: Fruit Tea

    Aroma: Typical Lemon fragrance

    Taste: Sweet and sour tasting

    Storage Method: Keep out of sunlight, seal and store in a cool dry place, or refrigerate

    Shelf Life: Two years


    Dried lemon is made by dehydrating the lemons. This process preserves the lemon's flavor, aroma, and some of its natural oils. 
    It contains many of the same nutrients and essential oils found in fresh lemon, including essential oils like limonene. It is also a popular addition to baked goods, tea blends, or seasoning.

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