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Product description

Origin:  Yunan China

Tea Type  Rose flower Tea

Aroma:   Sweet, flowery

Taste:  Sweet, flowery

Liquor Color:  light red and clear with a strong and most delicate fragrance

Storage Method:   Clean, ventilated, dry, avoid light, no smell, no pollution

Description:  Soothing and gentle, our Rosebud tastes like a rose garden in a cup. The flavour of rosebud deligates for itself like the Muse Fairy. Rosebud contains many essential vitamins like C, D, K and E, as well as organic acids, like citric and malic acids and pectin. Kushui Rose originally in Ganshu Kushui Town, ranked Class No.1 in native China.Premium Loose Pink Rose Bud Tea, is made from 100% organic real rose buds, plucked when they are young and then dried naturally in certain complex process, to retain all the healthy nutritious.

Our rose buds are naturally grown in a non- pollution environment and you'll find that they're still in whole pieces due to manual hand processing and careful drying. This consists only out of natural rose flowers without any artificial colouring or flavoring.





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