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Product description

Origin:  Fujian China

Tea Type  Green Tea

Aroma:  Floral and herbal aromas

Taste:   Mellow Sweet

Storage Method:  Refrigerating

Description:Greeen tea is the oldest type of tea in China. It is also the tea with the largest output in China. Green tea leaves have
not been they largely retain the original flavor of tea, which is simple, elegant and lasting.
Sencha is made from fresh tea leaves cultivated under natural light. It is made after steaming, rolling and drying. Compared with other green teas, they have higher vitamin and antioxidant content and are very suitable for catering or as afternoon tea.Note: The fine and broken tea leaves are the characteristics of deep steamed tea, and the stems are more to enhance the tea fragrance. It is recommended to use a teapot to make tea and pour it into a cup.
1. Dry tea color dark green
The dry tea of steamed green tea is dark green.
2. Tea soup light green
After steaming the green tea to make the soup, the tea soup is light green.
3. Tea base turquoise
Pour out the tea soup, and the bottom of the tea strained out is turquoise.
Processing technology
Steamed green tea is made by using the traditional tea-making process and modern technology to combine the steaming process for green selection, steaming, rough kneading, kneading, middle kneading, fine kneading, and drying.


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