Xinyang -Mao-Jian

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    Origin:  Hunan, China Tea Type:   Green Tea Aroma:  Floral and herbal aromas Taste:   Subtly sweet taste, and fragrant aroma Storage Method:  Store in Cool & Dry & Clean Place, Avoid direct sunlight Description:Greeen tea is the oldest type of tea in China. It is also the tea with the largest output in China. Green tea leaves have not been they largely retain the original flavor of tea, which is simple, elegant and lasting.Mao Jian is a kind of famous & traditional tea originated from western area of Hunan province, which located specially from a tourist site Wuling Mountain in Guzhang village.Here has the most suitable climate and environment for tea plants with annual average temperature at 16 centigrade and proper annual rainfall. What is more, there are rich selenium and phosphorus in the soil,which laid the foundation and helps a lot for Camellia sinensis growing.  

    Origin:  XinYang,He'nan, China 

    Tea Type:  Green Tea

    Aroma:  Floral, nice chestnut aroma

    Appearance:  Yellowish Green, full of bud 
    Taste:  smooth, mellow, sweet

    Storage Method:  Clean, ventilated, away from direct sunlight                                   

    Description: Xin Yang Mao Jian tea is one of Ten Most Famous Chinese Tea with a history of over two thousand years and is treasured for its refreshing taste and pleasant aroma.
    The finest and most tender Xin Yang Mao Jian tea leaves are picked from tea trees growing in the high mountain area of Xin Yang County, south Henan Province. The tea is featured by its jade green color, slim and round appearance, rich white pekoe, and fresh and mellow taste. The brewed tea soup is in pale-gold color and has a light floral fragrance with a sweet, long lasting aftertaste.

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