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Add: Rm.504, Bld.3, No.80 Wuyi Dong Rd., Furong District,Changsha, Hunan, 410001, China



Product description

Origin:  Fujian CHINA

Tea Type Green Tea

Aroma:  Floral and herbal aromas

Taste:  Subtly sweet taste, and fragrant aroma

Storage Method: Store in Cool & Dry & Clean Place, Avoid direct sunlight

Description:Organic Jasmine Maojian Hand harvested tea leaf tips ar rolled into a pointy shape,resembling a  strand of hair.Our Company Maojian is Selectting high quality and fine tea leaves from FUJIAN,Skillfully Processed with advanced methods. The tippy jade green loose leaves are equal-sized, clean and smooth with lasting tender fragrance, offering a clear yellowish green brew and lightly sweet mellow taste.

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