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Silver Needle

Product description

The silver needle tea baths in the mountains and clouds, has sweet and mild taste, helps digestion, benefits the spleen and stomach, lowers blood pressure, protects the heart, prevents cancer, and removes greasy effects. The silver needle can be used as a fever-reducing medicine for young children with measles, and its fever-reducing effect is better than antibiotics. In the summer, drink a glass of silver needle every day, you can clear the heat , adjust the body's pH.
In addition to containing other nutrients inherent in tea, it also contains the necessary active enzymes for the human body. Medical research at home and abroad has proven that drinking silver needle tea for a long time can significantly increase the activity of lipoproteinlipase in the body, promote fat catabolism, and effectively control the amount of insulin secretion , Delay intestinal absorption of grape powder, break down excess sugar in the blood, and promote blood sugar balance.

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