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Jingxuan oolong

Product description

Origin:   Ali Mountain Taiwan,China

TypeOolong tea

Style loose tea

Aroma:    Sweet, flowery

Function: Weight loss;  Burn calories; Boost metabolism;Skin Beauty;Detoxify; Suppress appetite;Increase energy levels;

Description: Jinxuan oolong tea is a new type of oolong tea that has become very popular in recent years. It is made from Taiwan Jin Xuan tea. Jin Xuan tea was introduced in the 1980s after more than 40 years of improvement and cultivation in Taiwan. Jinxuan tea has a very unique "milk fragrance" and is most suitable for making Jinxuan Oolong tea. Jinxuan Oolong is hand-picked with one heart and two leaves to ensure the best taste and quality.

Lechaxuan Jinxuan Oolong Tea Soup is light yellow-green, fresh in the mouth, with a touch of natural milky fragrance.

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