Hong Ta (Shell Tea) made by black tea

  • 产品描述
    • Commodity name: Hong Ta (Shell Tea) made by black tea

    Product Description

    Product name Hong Ta (Shell Tea,small red tower) 
    Type Black Tea
    Quality grade Special grade
    Appearance Tight, bud, black and yellow with golden hair
    Infusion color Golden color, tinged with an amber hue 
    Aroma Strong and lasting fragrance
    Taste Mellow, strong honey aroma and sweet aftertaste
    Infusion leaves Sturdy, thick and soft
    Storage method Clean, ventilated, away from direct sunlight
    Pesticide residue level Compliant with Chinese export food regulation and EU standard
    Shelf life 3 years and above


    Red Pagoda Tea (called Shell Tea in the Russian market) Dian Hong Tea, also known as Red Pagoda / Pagoda Tea, is a special red flower tea produced in Yunnan Province. The tea is made from organic and pollution-free tea leaves, with natural tea buds, hand-tied with cotton threads and hand-twisted into pagoda shape (tower, pyramid shape), which is a rare high-grade hand-shaped tea among Chinese black teas.




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