Red Pagoda

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    • Commodity name: Red Pagoda
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    Origin: China Sample: Free Sample

    Origin: China

    Tea type: Black Tea

    Taste: Fine flowery, sweet flavor, smooth-bodied taste

    Storage method: Refrigerated

    Shelf life: Two years

    Brewing method: The water temperature should not be too high, 80-90 ℃ is appropriate.


    Hong ta tea (Russian market called Seashells)Dian Hong Black tea also known as red pagoda/ tower tea, a special red blooming tea, comes from Yunnan province. This is a rare and high-grade hand-shaped Chinese black tea, made from organic, pollution-free tea leaves, with natural raw tea material of tea buds, manually bound by cotton threads, black tea leaves are hand-twisted in the form of a pagoda (turrets, pyramids).
    Processed by following the traditional processing skill, when brewing tea in hot water, the tea ball slowly unfurls its leaves into a blossom, dancing like a flower in the water, right before your eyes in a teapot(better use glass teaware to appreciate).
    No artificial flavor is added, with the fragrance of the tea itself (similar to the honey-sweet), Hong Ta black tea has the characteristics of Chinese black tea, bright bold coppery-red color, chocolate-like aroma, and fine flowery, sweet flavor, smooth-bodied taste with sweet, chocolaty, and malty undertones, with a complex and satisfying finish, allowing you to enjoy not only the unique taste and aroma properties of the Chinese black tea drink, but also the exciting aesthetics.
    Red pagoda properties improve digestion processes, promote good appetite, cope with fatigue and bad mood, help to eliminate toxins from the body, stabilize metabolism and weight normalization, lower elevated blood pressure, slow down the aging process in the body due to the sufficient content of tannin in tea leaves.

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