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Product description

Origin:  Anhui, China (Mainland)
Type:  Keemun Black Tea
Style:  Broken Tea
Age:   New
Processing Type:  Fermented
Specialty:   Health Tea, Slimming Tea
Shelf Life:  5 Years
Colour:  Deep brown black
Taste:  Strong and high aroma
Shape: Dust

Description:When teas are crushed to make bagged teas, the tea is referred to as "broken", "broken orange pekoe" ("BOP") include fannings and dust, which are tiny remnants created in the sorting and crushing processes. General process as this: Process: picking-sun withering-twisting or cutting-fermenting-drying-crushing,from Fujian Province, China, with strong taste.
Our black tea fannings reflect the caffeine content to a large extent as the leaf buds contain more caffeine content than mature tea leaves. The tea grade also affects brewing. Whole leaves require the longest infusion times while black tea fannings and dust infuse the fastest. Fannings are finely-broken pieces of tea leaf that still have a coarse texture. With amber red brew, and flowery flavor, good to make iced teas, earl grey tea, or English breakfast tea too.  

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