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Product description

Tea Type: Black tea
Processing : Fermented
Origin: Fujian, China
Age: Fresh new
Shape: Tight and even, the color is iron green with brown, more oily, with natural floral fragrance, the fragrance is not strong, fine and subtle, the taste is mellow and sweet, the throat rhyme is obvious, and the soup color is orange and yellow and clear.
Taste: Soft, sweet, light smoke taste
Aroma: Toasty exotic aromatics with subtle smokey notes
Liquor: Bright reddish-orange, amber-color tea tinged with burgundy edges

Description:Premium grade China Lapsang Souchong, sold out almost every year before winter with limited quantity. Superior in flavor, slightly smoky, yet quite mellow.Lapsang Souchong/ Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong tea, is the original, lightly smoked Chinese black tea, made from fresh spring tea leaves from Wuyi Shan mountain region.The leaf made of dried small leaves that are a dull jet black, with no golden tips, is given a light 'cold smoking' during process baking teas on pine wood, which impart this tea a lightly-smoked character while maintaining flavor and finesse. Or it can be manufactured as a black tea but without the smoking step, which is rare in the Chinese tea market.A smooth mouth feel and delightful bright quality are showcased in this fine Lapsang Souchong selection. Rich smoky notes balanced with a light, lingering sweetness in the whiskey-colored liquor.

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