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Product description

Origin: Yunan China

Tea Type  black Tea

Aroma:  Floral, sweet potato aroma

appearance:Well twisted tightly thin strips, covered with conspicuous golden tips

Sweet and soft taste,
Taste:  followed with fruity fragrance and sweet potato smell

Storage Method:  Clean, ventilated, dry, avoid light, no smell, no pollution

Description:Produced on organic gardens in Yunnan Province, Black Tea has a strong aroma of white rose and tastes delicately floral yet rich, fresh and sweet with a lingering aftertaste. This new style of Chinese black tea is a worthy addition to the category; its sleek black leaves yield a dark amber infusion and earthy aroma.A light sprinkling of golden tips adorns the glossy dark brown leaves in this stunning Mao Feng selection. The copper ruby cup exhibits a complex aroma and flavor with rich notes of earth, wine and smoke. Its rich flavor-with distinct notes holds up through a few infusions. A hint of spice in the finish complements the silky sweet character. Fans of black tea will enjoy the depth and strength.


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