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Product description

Tea Type: Black tea
Processing : Fermented
Origin: AnHui, China
Age: Fresh n
Harvest Time: Early March
Storage Method: cool, ventilated place
Shape: Tight, plump bud
Dried tea color:Tight and Black Bloom
Aroma: fresh, high sweetness
Tea soup color: bright redish color
Taste:  Fresh Sweet with Fragrant Orchid

Description:Qimen black tea, also known as Qimen Gongfu black tea, has the aroma of rose, apple and green apricot. Produced in Qimen County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, East China. The only black tea among the top ten famous teas in China.Qimen black tea (Qihong for short) is a traditional Chinese famous tea, a fine black tea, one of the top ten famous teas in China, and one of the four major black teas in the world. . Created by Anhui tea farmers during the Guangxu period, but the earliest historical records can be traced back to the tea classics of Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty. Qimen black tea is the leader among black teas and enjoys a high reputation. It is the favorite drink of the Queen and the Royal Family of England. The unique aroma has the reputation of high fragrance, and the reputation is far-reaching.

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