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Product description

Origin: Fujian, south-east of China

Green Snail is a Chinese green tea made up of tightly rolled fuzzy buds that resemble spiral shells . While steeping, they unfurl to deliver intricate notes of roasted nuts, soft smokiness and a hop-like crispness. As it fades, a dry white grape character lingers. Green Snail Tea is extended to the traditional green tea process.

What makes it great

It picks up a bud and a leaf of Fuding Dabai Tea and Fuding Dawu Tea. It is processed by four processes such as withering, Pan-firing, rolling, and drying. It has a shape curled into a snail, a fine tight-fitting snail, a white scent, a yellowish green color, a lotus-like color, a clear aroma, a mung bean fragrance, and a refreshing taste. The soup is yellow and green, and the bottom of the leaves is tender and uniform.


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