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Product description

Origin: Hunan, China

Harvest Time: Spring

Taste: Chestunt flavour with honey sweet

Description:Mao Jian is a kind of famous & traditional tea originated from western area of Hunan province, which located specially from a tourist site Wuling Mountain in Guzhang village.Guzhang Maojian tea products are characterized by one bud and one leaf. Pick bud tea or a green bud before Qingming Festival. Tea sticks are carefully made through eight processes of spreading, killing, kneading, frying, cold spreading, dyeing, drying and screening. Refined into "famous tea". Its tea branches and former seedlings are quite beautiful, with green color and white clothes; the aroma is tangy, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste is endless; the soup color is yellow-green, entering the bottom of the leaves, green and tender.
Guzhang Maojian is finely harvested, with a tight, round and straight shape, sharp and sharp edges, exposed pekoe, smooth emerald green, fragrant inside, mellow and fresh taste, and endless aftertaste. Guzhang Maojian, or curved like a fishhook, or thin and straight like a javelin, is emerald green, Pekoe is resistant to dew, the soup is mellow and bright yellow-green, the taste is smooth, the sweetness is lasting, the aroma is strong and lasting, brewing, etc. Quality characteristics and long-term reputation.


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