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Product description

Origin:  Jiang Su, south-east China

Biluochun is a traditional Chinese tea, one of China's top ten famous teas. It belongs to green tea and has a history of more than 1,000 years. Biluochun is produced in the east Dongting Mountain and West Dongting Mountain (now Wuzhong District of Suzhou) in Taihu Lake, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, so it is also known as “Dongting Biluochun”.

What makes it great

Eearly from the Tang Dynasty, it was listed as a tribute, the ancients also called Biluochun as "Kung Fu Tea" and "New Blood Tea." The high-grade Biluochun, the tea buds of 0.5 kg dry tea requires 6-7 thousand tea buds. After the frying, the dried tea sticks are tightly knotted, the white is revealed, the color is silvery green, the green is seductive, and the curl is turned into a snail. It is produced in the spring, hence the name “Biluochun”. After the tea was brewed, the white clouds rolled in the cup, and the fragrance was invaded. The main process is to oxidant, rolling, smash, and dry.


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